02 January 2016

New Year ... Something different.

2016 has arrived.  With 2016's arrival it people of all kinds are making resolutions. Personally, I haven't followed through on a resolution in years. They always seem to go by the wayside hours after I think about them, no matter if I've written them down and posted them all over the house or not. Months later I'll discover them; think about them again, and whatever I've written them on seems to find 'file 13' aka a wastebasket, never to be thought of again.

Recently, I was listening to a talk radio show and they were discussing resolutions and different ways to make them, keep them, and accomplish what ever has been thought about. 

The ideas were not new; instead of a resolution, I like the idea of goal or goals. A goal is attainable when you follow it's progress daily, weekly, or monthly and the 'bar' for it hasn't been set to high.  

This year in 2016,  my goal is to reach the goals I didn't attain in 2015. Simple as that. Apparently, the goals I set for myself in 2015 were too high and lofty, I never attained any of them. So, I'll try again this year and see where I land. 

For those of you who have resolutions, let me know how you fare with them throughout the year. I'll keep everyone posted on my progress, too. 

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