04 September 2015

Windows 10 ....

Unveiled the end of July 2015. I have a newer laptop running Win 8.1. Frankly, I did not like 8.1 or it's predecessor Win 8.0. I found both to be user unfriendly. 

I waited a couple of weeks before beginning the upgrade process. Why? Because I like the Win7 OS I have in my desktop, and I wasn't sure if I really wanted to upgrade. I have a few friends who have taken the plunge and upgraded, and love the new OS. I was sort of convinced. So I requested/reserved my upgrade. 

But, before I could upgrade I had to make sure I had all updates downloaded and installed. So I checked daily for updates while I waited for Microsoft to tell me the upgrade was ready to download.

Two weeks and a number of tries later, the upgrade was ready.  Downloaded and downloaded a couple of hours before I was told the upgrade was ready for install. I waited and waited, more than two hours as installation proceeded. The screen went black, but still had a cursor. I had a couple of alternatives available from Microsoft pages I'd visited trying to figure out what was going on. At one point I almost pulled the plug on the whole thing and was going to take the laptop to the nearest Techy or Microsoft store. Nothing worked. 

Then I thought I'd try taking the battery out and letting the laptop sit for a few  before reinstalling the battery. Voila that worked and I had my laptop back. I was able to log into my new Win 10 operating system. 

I goofed around with it for a little while, thinking I'm going to like this new OS. I was pleased. So I shut down and put it aside until this morning. I have a desktop I use daily, anyway; and generally keep the laptop for travelling. 

This morning I decided to boot up and play with the new OS for a little while. Guess what?

It booted fine, BUT it wasn't my log in! The log in was the email address of a friend whom I'd helped set up that email account years ago. So I gave him a call and explained my situation, he gave me the password, which did not work. So apparently the passwords have been changed.

And I can't log on to my laptop! There's no navigation, nothing that will let me bypass this sign on page. I even went to my Microsoft account form my desktop to see if I could do something from that. and I even chatted with a couple of Microsoft Tech's.

The bottom line is; I'll have to take it to a geek and probably have to do a reinstall of Win 10 which I might have to pay for. (Buying the Win 10 OS that is).  The tech's needed remote access to my laptop which I could not give them because I didn't have access either.  With this new OS, Win 8 and 8.1 you've needed to establish a 'Microsoft Account'. 

It appears my Microsoft account has been hacked by who ever has been using my friends long unused email address; and though I think I've managed to recover my own Microsoft Account, I still cannot access my laptop. 

Something's just not right here. So off to the Microsoft store we go with the laptop.