04 July 2014

The monsoon has arrived!

Each year about this time, the wind shifts from the southwest to the southeast bringing the monsoon (or summer rains). A few years ago, The National Weather Service changed the naming of our summer thunderstorm season from 'monsoon' to 'summer thunderstorm season' which begins June 15 and ends September 30. Typically, the desert sees the first of these storms around July 2. 

Taken just a couple of hours before looking to the northeast of the city....

 This shot captured looking to the southeast...

What a difference a couple of hours makes! As the sun was dipping low onto the horizon, the skies turned orange and the dust arrived.

 Looking across the street.. the wind was howling, there were flying  awnings, and skirting, tree limbs, trash barrels, all manner of debris.  

This storm produced a wall of dust reaching to 3,000 ft. with winds in excess of 40 MPH. The rains followed the dust... and the winds howled. By 10 PM it was over.