25 August 2013

Kid's stuff

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                             Eats, something to drink? Right here!

                                         Kettle Corn, anyone?

Plymouth waterfront

Friday evening, Sis and I met my son and his kids for supper (dinner) along the Plymouth waterfront.

The tide was on the way out and the last rays were having a mirror effect on the tidal flats.

.... and what an awesome sunset it turned out to be.... 

23 August 2013


Arrived yesterday, Sis and I headed for the National Cemetery in Bourne to visit Dad's grave site.

                                                        Kind of an overcast day.

              More overcast by the time we stopped to take pics at the canal.

                    Railroad bridge across the south end of the canal ....

There was a guy sitting in a chair behind this tree. His faithful companion, ever alert and attentive watching us from his tether.

08 August 2013

Another rainy morning

Yesterday, our trucks left the yard well before daylight. Rain was intermittent along our route fifty miles to the east...

Out there, somewhere, in the middle of the desert is a thriving mining operation including a concrete plant, and this asphalt plant. 

  'This shot was taken with my new Galaxy S4'

As daylight dawned, although the showers did not abate... we were cancelled and sent home after an hours' wait.

04 August 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4

For a few months, I've needed to upgrade my Huawei Prism cell phone to something newer... I've been on a prepaid plan from T-Mobile. Recently, T-Mobile changed from contracted services to something more reasonable for people like me who don't want contracts. 

Unfortunately, where I live service options can be sporadic and limited, even though the Phoenix metro area has excellent service in most areas, where I live under South Mountain can be challenging on any service.

Yesterday, I returned a rented laptop, I was planning to carry on vacation with me. I didn't see the need to drag one along when I'll be staying with family and will have access to one or more of their computers. I figured upgrading the cell phone device would be the most prudent way to go.

Here's what I came away with after chatting with a customer service rep in store. I'd done my homework which made her job a whole lot easier.

                                        Samsung Galaxy S4

It's huge, light weight, a big 5" screen, 13 mega pixel camera (front and back) with flash (not that I need another camera, I already have two, lol). I really like the screen resolution; it's bright and cheerful. It's easy to work. I'd looked at the iPhone 5 and didn't care for it. The iPhone 4s would have been my other choice. 

This Galaxy S4 will replace the laptop and then some once I get used to using it and figure out what all the different apps are for.  So far so good, not had a bit of issue figuring out how to make it work. There are apps built into it I won't ever use, and I'll need to see how much those unused apps might affect the battery life.. I think I can get rid of those extra unused apps if the battery life is too severely compromised.

I'm waiting for the old phone number to port over to the new phone. For now both phones are still working, hopefully that will change in the next day or so. I'm told it could take up to 72 hours.

If you're thinking about this phone.. there's a 'support site' available with lots and lots of information, check it out here .

03 August 2013

Laptops and such....

For the time being, I've reconsidered buying 'the' laptop ... returned this morning much to the dismay of the rental store folks... I'm sure they were hoping I would keep it and pay the ridiculous amount they wanted (more than $1300.00 over the term) ...  If I wait (patiently and save my pennies), I can pick up the same (or similar size) around the holidays for 1/2 the cost. Anyway.... I'm still not sure about the Win8 operating system. It's definitely a new learning curve ... tho, I was able to make it work. Much prefer the Win7 operating system in my desktop.

What do I need a laptop for?  The convenience of having it when I travel? I dunno...Why? As my sis would ask... (I'm sure I'm over thinking this, too...) I'll be travelling in a few weeks, I'd take it with me... but, there will be access to computers where I'm staying, (a houseful of them), so I won't loose anything in the travelling, (can't use it on the plane anyway). Yup, don't need it.

Instead? Perhaps an upgrade of my cell to a newer brighter style, maybe an iPhone 4s (or 5) or Samsung Galaxy S4? Each device will do what the laptop would accomplish in a smaller more confined space (tho both are pricey) ....  and I'll still have the desktop for use at home when I'm not travelling. Then I wouldn't need the laptop at all until I'm ready to let go of the desktop.. I think I just had an AHAAA moment!

Off we go, in search of ....