13 July 2013

Working out of town

Last week, I eluded to leaving (the heat) of the 'Valley of the Sun' for the cooler climes of Northeast AZ. We were supposed to leave on 7 July, but for unknown reasons, the job was tangled in snafu's and we didn't leave town until Wednesday afternoon.

Arriving so late in the day, there wasn't an opportunity to get shots of the local area of Snowflake, AZ where we were staying. Snowflake is a little community (actually with a 'city' designation) about half way between Holbrook, AZ, to the north and Show Low, AZ, to the south. The landscape ranged from rolling high grassland, wide huge washes, and draws, to scrub pinion, juniper, and rocks. I even saw a few windmill farms in the distance. This is a great place for windmill farms, the wind blows most every day, the elevation is around 6000 feet.

Thursday morning's early start didn't afford me the luxury of snapping some shots as I'd hoped to do. The shot below was taken on the second round while I was in the plant waiting to scale out... What appears to be a barren mountain in the foreground is actually a stockpile of 1/2" or 3/8" rock.

                                 All day long I've been watching the clouds build around me.

                                            This shot was taken toward the southeast.
It's a balmy 71 degrees, and I've shut the truck down. There's a light breeze, too. It's so quiet out here, I can hear the energy buzzing through the electric lines that stretch and stretch for miles.

This taken directly to the east after the bulk of the storm had moved to the north and almost rained itself out.

Later in the day, I captured these clouds as they were beginning to build to the north and northwest of where we were working.

The job is forty miles to the north of Snowflake, in Holbrook, AZ. US 180 passes 'The Petrified Forest' and east to St. John's and Springerville, AZ on the New Mexico border ninety plus miles away. In the winter months, the road is not maintained by plowing, though this time of year, there is plenty of tourist traffic and locals to and from where ever they go.

It never did rain on us ... and I certainly enjoyed the solitude of the area.