19 December 2012

Hot Cocoa Day

I've always loved hot cocoa. Today seems to be a day for it even though the sun is shining brightly and there's no snow on the ground ... it's definitely a chilly day in the desert.

When I was a child, both Grandmother's and Mum  made it with milk and bits of shaved 'bitter' chocolate, melted slowly in a sauce pan. Sometimes there were miniature marshmallows to add ... other times whipped creme or a dab of marshmallow fluff. Always a great warm up after playing in the snow.

It rarely gets bitterly cold out here in the desert, but after summers that tend to be too warm for many months, when winter does arrive (usually with little notice) chilly weather takes some adjusting to.  I think it's finally arrived, winter that is..

I was scheduled to leave the yard at 700 AM and as usual I was early. The driver's room was already crowded with other drivers trying to get warm by the tiny space heater, so I opted to stand outside after I picked up my dispatch information. Just before I was ready to leave the yard, my job was cancelled (due to last night's cold front and little bit of rain that came thru). I decided early that since I was already cold and my truck hadn't even been started for the day, I'd take the day off, let some of the other drivers hang out and hope for some work if dispatch could find it for them, and come home to do whatever...

Whatever consists of whatever I feel like doing ... except sleeping.. if I sleep/nap today, I won't sleep tonight... I rarely take a day off, and then if I do it's because I'm overtired or not feeling well, neither of those scenarios existed this morning, I was cold to the bone.

My feet are cold, and when my feet are cold, I'm cold..I went searching for my heating pad thinking that would be a good way to warm my feet while I'm sitting at my computer..well, that suffices if I sit still and I don't seem to be able to do that..

Then I thought? Hot cocoa! Something to warm the bones all the way down to my toes...

Yummmmm, the hot cocoa did the trick, I'm warm and so are my toes, for the time being.

It's a hot cocoa day.