01 September 2012


New England here I come!
The final reservations have been made and I've received confirmations via email.

The last few years, I've missed having family and old friends (whose lives are vastly different than mine) closer than 2800 miles away. Yes, I admit to being homesick, too.

I left New England the summer of 1979 without saying 'goodbye'.  Then I could only think of escape, as fast as I could get away.

Perhaps, in retrospect, the leaving in 1979 (without goodbyes) was because I knew then in my heart of hearts, I would be going back one day for good. In 1979, I took flight to central Florida where I lived for 18 years.

In 1997, when I relocated to the desert southwest, I really thought it would be a good place to find what I thought I'd been missing?  The original plan was to get established and relocate to the cooler climes of northern AZ, we just never got there. Sadly, what I've been missing .... isn't here in the desert southwest at all, it's 'home' in New England!

As a now retired 'over the road' truck driver, I crisscrossed the United States more than a few times. More often than not... not able to stop to enjoy those awesomely beautiful surroundings I passed through. Nothing beats New England, and I'd never admit to being from somewhere else.

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