03 June 2012

Ahhhhhh, Sunday Morning

This seems like a good time to begin a 'silly' post. Normally, I wouldn't write a post about what I do on Sunday mornings. As is normal, I'm up early and have a couple of things to do away from the house.

'Sleeping in' isn't an option around here. I don't have children, but I do have animals to feed. The kitty's have been fed, their litter boxes scooped and tidied... Traveler is probably waiting patiently for his morning feed and fresh water. He isn't kept here where I live, so I have to drive to feed him.

Our driveway is small and tight. We can't park side by side, front to back is the only way ... we don't (under any circumstances) leave our vehicles on the street... they might get towed away... My roommate came in late and didn't leave his keys out (so I would be able to move his vehicle with out disturbing him), so I'm pondering intruding on his sleep, albeit reluctantly ...

I have the weekly 'barn' chores ... then off to the grocery... you see I'm 'on call' for work tonight. I'll need to nap the latter part of the day away, just in case of a 'new driver' didn't check dispatch last night to learn he is scheduled for 1900 hours tonight. I'm also scheduled for 0542 on Monday morning, but if I have to go in @ 1900 tonight, they'll cover my 0542 in the morning with another driver. Can't be in two places at once...

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