29 May 2012

History repeats or just everyday goings on?

Curmudge and I moved into this place on December 28, 2010. New Year's weekend the plumbing clogged (from front to back eventually) and no one to make the problem 'go away' over that weekend. Plumber came on Tuesday after the holiday, unclogged the drains. He found the moving caps still inserted into the 'drain system', I guess he poked holes in them. I can't seem to remember what he told me, except that he felt reasonably sure it wouldn't happen again. This unit was set less than a month before we moved in, so I expected to have some issues in the beginning, but not plumbing. A year has passed, and so has Curmudge, and that bathroom has been unused for more than five months.

Two weeks ago, I found a new roommate and he moved in. Another holiday weekend is upon us. Arrrrrrrrgh! Come on, now, what is going on? That bathroom is clogged again! Huh? What's up with this? Clogged? I'm frustrated! Call, call, and call, and I've gotten no response from the management people who own this unit... there's a pager number for maintenance emergencies... I'd call this an emergency! Long 'holiday' weekend and the office is not open, not unexpected, but there should be someone 'on call'...this is not right!

I'm wondering now if the problem hasn't persisted for the entire year and a half I've lived here, if Curmudge just got tired of me harping for him to clean up his messes in there and just didn't tell me. He wasn't well at the end.

This shouldn't be! Who is/was supposed to be in charge this weekend for emergency maintenance issues with tenants? And why wasn't the emergency pager answered? And you ask why I didn't just call a plumber and pay for it 'out of pocket' and take it off the rent? Simple answer, no cash flow to do that...caught between a rock and hard place on the cash flow thing...

I'm kind of sour on the management team, anyway. There are 'on going' issues with this unit and the surrounding lot that have not been dealt with since Curmudge and I moved in here originally. Every month, I ask about the things that haven't been done in the last year and a half. It's an on going thing with me and them..and each month I feel like I get 'lip service' (aka excuses why or why they can't or haven't been able to take care of something).

Move? I'm under contract! Normally, I wouldn't consider breaking the contract, I don’t need the judgment against me. Under these circumstances, though, (plumbing issues, long weekends, and no response) …. I'm seriously considering breaking the contract. I need to live in a place that functions properly all the time, has maintenance people on call 24/7 (if needed)... I need to live in a place that doesn't cost me 'out of pocket' and/or have leaks which could ultimately lead to mold issues. I'm highly allergic to mold. Mold was the culprit that made me sick in 2009.

It's still too early to be knocking on doors to get assistance and results... I have to wait until normal business hours. I wasn't scheduled for work today ... could have gone in and hung out in the yard, but this needs dealing with, so I'll have to loose the day's pay to take care of it. This does not make me happy especially since it's a shortened pay week to begin with (we didn’t get paid for the holiday yesterday) and I'm still struggling to keep my head above water.

I'll update when I have answers ….

13 May 2012

Skywatch Friday Season #5, Episode 44

An unusual event for May in the desert. This storm blew in from the east and southeast bringing with it, wind, dust, and rain.

The shot below was taken looking to the west. A few minutes later there was no visibility at all.
Click here  to see awesome skies from all over the world. Happy Skywatching weekend all!

12 May 2012

I'm not too old

I'm not too old to be awed by things I've seen before. I'm not too old to learn new things. But I'm certainly having a problem (this morning) figuring out how to scan 'old' photos into my computer so I can post them here...

No details now... I'll figure it out and be back later with more.