22 April 2012

The heat is on!!

Yesterday, it was 103 outside my door. The first 100+ degree day of the season, broke the record ... but not the earliest 100 degree temp recorded which was set in  March 1988. 

It is the desert, it's Phoenix, AZ and it's mid-April. I didn't live here in 1988. I didn't move here until 1997. I think if I had lived here in 1988, I'd have left already for cooler climes... 

Don't get me wrong, I like warm, but I have a problem with excessive dry, hot dry, hotter, moderately humid hot, and dry hot for months on end... which is what happens here.

Would ... if I could leave the desert, tho kinda like the rugged, huge mountain ranges,  and yes, there is color! This time of year even with very little rainy weather over the winter, the cacti are blooming profusely.  The mulberry, acacia, mesquite, and palo verde are in bloom too, pollen abounds, it's just too dang hot too early!

Well, the heat's (earlier than usual) arrival in 2012 has me dreaming of escape to cooler climes, again. Nothing news worthy in this statement, I've said it often to my family. Need and want to be 'closer' to family living in the northeast, but definitely not on their doorsteps or backyards.  

Tranquil, peaceful, panoramic views …. awesome sunrises and sunsets, a ruggedness to the landscape, and trees. Farm life would suit me, definitely access to horse back riding (trail riding, not arena riding), gardens and yards.  Anyone know a place?

Ideally, I think, a low elevation somewhere between 700 and 1800 feet, average (fall, spring, and summer) daytime temps ranging from 45-85; nighttime temps averaging from freezing to the upper forty's...  I could live with occasional snow, too. Oh, there's more... less dust ... lawns and trees, (oaks, maples, elms, birch)... Humidity is okay in moderation ... definitely four seasons. 

Virginia, too expensive for my pocket book, and I'm not conservative enough. 

Central North Carolina? Nice, maybe a little too humid,  but definitely in the affordable range. Yup, closer to family, but I wonder... 

South Carolina, Georgia?  A tad too southern for this Yankee! 

Florida? Been there done that, about 18 years worth, about the same as AZ, but with excessive humidity all year round. Lack of decent paying work would be an issue. 

Missouri, ahhhh, the southwest part of the state would be awesome if it weren't for TORNADO'S and the lack of work. 

Oh yeah, I know I left out a whole bunch of states in between ... (big sigh) that, for one reason or another wouldn't suit me, and I've been through every state in the continental US except North Dakota ... and have yet to discover the magical place.

Tennessee? Perhaps,Tennessee has the magic I've been searching for. Yes, definitely east Tennessee, I've always had a soft spot for Tennessee. Though a bit more humid than I am accustomed to, I would adjust.  Perfect place, if work can be found... Tennessee is an affordable place to live, not quite close enough to the family in the northeast, but a viable option to the hot, hot desert summers. My grandchildren and other family would come to visit … yup, ideal.


  1. I enjoyed your story..Hope your dreams come true and you are able to find your change of climate. Always Jean

  2. Try Asheville, NC it's in the mountains so the weather is cooler than the central and eastern part of the state...reminds me of New England too...

    1. Thought about North Carolina, but not the Asheville area, though considered somewhere around Charlotte (NASCAR country, as I am a big, big fan -- hahaha)... still thinking of somewhere????? closer to New England, just haven't made up my mind yet.


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