04 February 2012

Sunsets and dinner out

Around 4 PM today, I decided I needed to treat myself... an evening out for a dinner I wouldn't have to cook.. I headed out to feed Traveler and then to one of my favorite spots to take some pics. This sunset wasn't as spectacular as some are ... there weren't a lot of clouds to help it along.. but I did like the crisscrossing vapor trails from planes high above that couldn't be seen.. those vapor trails tell me the air (what little of it there is up there) is really cold.

Just around the corner from my favorite picture taking spot is a restaurant. It's called the T-Bone Steakhouse. It's been there a very long time ... in the vicinity of forty plus years. I'm told it used to be a private residence and was constructed in the 1920's.

It's a rustic place with sawdust on the floor, bunkhouse style wooden tables, and fabulous panoramic views of the city below since it sits on the hillside just outside South Mountain Park's western borders.. It can be accessed by car or horseback. Believe it or not the parking lot is not even paved.

The menu is cowboy fare. Choose from a variety, perfectly cooked steaks, chicken, grilled salmon, or pork chops with cowboy beans and a trip to the salad bar. Ala carte items include baked potato, red skinned mashed potatoes, garlic toast, or fresh corn on the cob. There is a menu for L'il Folks and deserts if you're not too full to enjoy it. There is full bar service, too. You choose where you'd like to sit. You can choose outside if/when the weather is pleasant, inside in two different dining areas, or at the bar.

As always, dress is casual... more often than not you're likely encounter cowboys bringing guests into the restaurant for a meal after an hour long ride through South Mountain Park, or other horse back riders just out enjoying the great weather (this time of year) after a good ride .... stopping by for a quick micro-brew or other cocktail before they head home. I have fond memories of riding Traveler there for dinner with a large group of  'horse' people. Many an evening have been spent on those trails to the T-bone Steakhouse.

Tonight, I had an excellent meal, enjoyed the company of two ladies who's names I didn't get, because it wasn't necessary, and I returned home pleasantly full.


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    1. We should have gone for a steak while you were here... oh well, too late now. Maybe next time...


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