04 February 2012

Shopping online

Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker
I love to shop online. Since we recently got internet in Forest, I would much prefer to sit in the comfort of my home and shop online than to go to the mall or some crowded store to find what I am looking for. I often get emails about online sales that are happening at my favorite stores. I actually end up saving more money shopping online than I would if I were shopping in the stores. I do hate having to pay shipping, but I usually buy several things at once so that the shipping sometimes ends up being free. I am also amazed at how fast delivery is on most of the things that I order. For example, I bought a sweater last week on clearance and it was actually on backorder, but I ordered it on Monday and it sitting on my doorstep on Thursday. It is also much easier to find specialty items online than searching at stores for them. Last Christmas my husband and I wanted to get his parents a personalized sign for their lake house, but could not find what we wanted in any stores. I looked online and found exactly what we had pictured and also got a great deal on it with free shipping. I love the deals that I find online.

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