16 January 2012

Shopping you're way at Become

I've never tried 'on line' shopping. In fact, truth be told...I thought it would be a scary experience. I've got a lot  going on around me, lots of things happening in a very short time, and I need a quick convenient place to shop and the become.com  site will do this for me. I can find everything I need with a few quick clicks of my mouse.

I'm going 'horse camping' in February. We're going to be out in the middle of nowhere with no readily available electric source and I need something to power my trailer. I wondered does the b&s 30422 have a generator or alternator  that will do the job for me? A few minutes later, I found exactly the portable generator to power everything I need while I'm camping.

 A very special family member has a birthday coming up. While I'm thinking about  it, and trying to plan ahead, I decided to check out a buxton super croc wallet. This wallet is the perfect gift for the lady who wants to be more organized.

My sis is in town this week helping me pack to move and while we were packing lamps, I discovered a couple of my candelabra lamps were in need of repair, so back to the computer again ... and I typed in the keywords keyless candelabra socket w/ single leg hickey and voila I found exactly the right thing I needed to fix my lamps. Lamps repaired in short order.

This is my very first 'on line' shopping experience and it has been convenient, quick, and stress free. All kinds of products can be found here, from automotive to toys, video games and everything in between.  It's power shopping at it's best....click, peruse, compare, shop, and save big.

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  1. Hope everything is ok...moving to a new place?


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