20 January 2012

Remembering an excellent roommate …

Excellent 'cool'  roommates come along infrequently in life. Curmudge was an excellent roommate … not the kind to shirk taking care of keeping the bills on time, or taking his pick up truck to be washed, waxed, and detailed weekly.

Though if he wasn't reminded, he’d definitely procrastinate over picking up after himself, taking the overflowing trash out to the dumpster, loading dishes into the dishwasher, cleaning his bathroom, doing his own laundry or doing any number of other mundane chores around the place.

I shouldn't complain, and thinking back it’s more of an observation, though I did do my share of complaining about his lack of attentiveness and complete lack of interest… I suppose, I couldn't understand how he couldn't manage to get the simplest of chores done while I was away at work. More often than not it was a major task to get him to cooperate.

For many months I've been working full time again. He’d been completely retired for more than a year due to illness and stayed at home, very rarely went out, especially the last few months except for doctors appointments, or to have the truck taken care of… I’d have to guess maybe his attitude toward housework and mundane chores was because he was from an 'old school' where women did all the household chores, cooking, grocery shopping and maybe even worked outside the house too. The man of the household always worked outside the home and did what 'he' desired to do with his free time… very often (back then) they did not help with the mundane 'inside' chores around the house.

I have to wonder how he survived all those years he lived a bachelor? I never did get an answer to that question. But it was apparent he didn't do much housework ( the cursory swipe with a paper towel or maybe a damp rag). He hated going shopping for food, and as to keeping the clutter in order?  Well, that ... I'm sad to say was nonexistent before we decided to room together more than a year and a half ago.…

Curmudge passed away a little more than a week ago after a long illness. He's in a much better place and without pain. But, I wonder if I'm not a wee bit superstitious. Twelve years ago this month and just a week earlier than Curmudge’s passing, my mum passed away. She and I had been living in this same mobile home park for more than two years, albeit at a different address than presently …. but … maybe I'm not supposed to live in this mobile home park?

In any case, Curmudge was the finest kind of roommate for a gal to have. He will be missed, his kind of roommate is hard to find… and I'm on the move again… not quite sure just where yet, but by the end of next week I'll be settling into somewhere new. New beginnings….


  1. I was very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Moving is probably best not because the trailer park is jinxed (I don't believe in such things), but because a new place with no sad memories will help you go forward.


  2. I'm just a tad superstitious ... yet you are right, a new place with no sad memories will help me move forward. A new place to build new memories and a remembered fond memory of a friend no longer with us in body yet still around in spirit.

    Thank you, quilly, for the kind words of encouragement.


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