07 January 2012

Ozark Trails Queen 'anywhere' bed with frame

In the last year, I've gotten a lot of hits to my page about this air bed and Ozark Trails tent. I wrote about this bed in November 2010.. visit that post by clicking here . I loved it and still like the concept of an affordable air bed that can be picked up and put away when you're limited on space...
Though ... I have an observation to share...

The other night I was re-inflating the mattress when it blew a rib-seam in the middle of the mattress, making a huge hump and the rest of the mattress under inflated... (makes for a very uncomfortable sleep overnight).  After inspection, there's not a lot I can do to fix it, except replace the mattress with a 'like kind' which can be found (at an affordable  price) in any camping area of a local Walmart.

I'm still impressed with the convenience this bed has offered me the last year... the original price, affordability, and the space-saving concept. I'll replace the mattress, and I'll have a good night's sleep tonight, too.

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