22 January 2012

Exciting opportunity in Calgary, Aberta

My good friend Jessie has an exciting new job opportunity in Calgary, Alberta. He will need to find housing in a very short time. I have family in the area so I offered to get in touch with my cousin Janine and ask her to recommend a site where we could find apartments for rent in Calgary.

Jessie's needs are simple. He's on a tight budget. He needs to find something affordable close to his new job, convenient to shopping and easy access to the airport. Since he's not at all computer literate and time is short to secure housing and make arrangements for the move, he asked for my help. The site is user friendly and informative, thank you Janine. In a very short time, I had several communities that would meet his needs and he could call ahead to make appointments to visit them while he was in the city for his final interview.

His final 'entry' interview in Calgary went well and he accepted the job. While he was there he was able to find an affordable unit that will meet his needs, too. His says new the place overlooks the city and has a panoramic view of the mountains from one of his balconies.  His new job is within walking distance and he has access to public transportation. The new apartment is close to nightlife (a must for young people who want to make new friends), and shopping is right around the corner. The airport is a short taxi ride away, too. Curiosity got the better of me ... I Googled his new address and I discovered a wonderful city park a few blocks away from his new place, he didn't mention the park.

I'm envious. I've never been to Calgary, though the city is on my 'bucket list' of things to do before I am too old to enjoy it. Jessie has promised me the grand tour of the city, a visit to the Calgary Stampede, and maybe I'll get in  a day of skiing at one of the resorts nearby. I'm already making reservations.

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