08 December 2011

Skywatch Friday, Season 5 ... Episode 22

The other afternoon, I went into South Mountain Park searching interesting shots for this week's  Skywatch Friday . South Mountain Park, is the largest 'municipally' owned park in the United States and access is right outside my back door.

The wind was chill and blowing a good clipper out of the southwest in advance of another storm front.
Of the twenty or more shots ... these were the best.... Alas, I couldn't steady the camera and my hands nearly froze. Well ... all in all ... I think these capture what was to come later in the evening... rain and snow in the higher elevations. Winter is coming.

Happy skywatching weekend everyone! As always, special thanks to the Skywatch Team for hosting awesome skies from all over the globe each week.


  1. Hi there - that first image is great - such a range of gentle colours.

    Stewart M - Australia


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