31 December 2011

New Year’s Resolutions ???

When I was younger, I discovered early on I rarely had the 'willpower' to keep the resolve necessary to follow through with a resolution .... This is not a New Year's resolution! It's past time I quit smoking!

This is something I have to do, have wanted to do, and have been unsuccessful accomplishing in years past. In the days and weeks to come I will be sharing my thoughts while I embark on this process....

What motivations do I have to quit?
1. General health reasons, more energy.
2. My food will taste better and my nose will smell better
3. The cost of supporting 'two' smokers is prohibitive… so quitting will save money for other necessary things…

How will I quit? Persistence and perseverance.
1. I will use a support group like ...  the arizona smokers help line .
2. And ... I will use nicotine patches and/or maybe try hypnosis
3. Continue to have the desire to succeed this time…

Would I try a prescription medication to assist me in the quitting process? You bet I would!

What triggers my nicotine desire?
1. When I first get up in the morning and the first cup of coffee
2. Working at my computer, outside the house, to have something in my hands...
3. Everyday stresses, underemployed, unpaid bills …
            Doesn't matter ..... old habits die hard.

How will begin this process?
1. I will clean the house, myself and roommate of smoke smelling clothes, and nicotine…
2. I will recognize the triggers and do something else to alleviate the cravings.
3. I will use the support group when I’m feeling anxious and stressed…
4. I will stop buying cigarettes on/before or by January 6, 2012 (for both of us)

What are my goals?
1. I will be smoke free in 2012
2. Save money for other things
3. Exercise more and eventually loose the 20+ pounds I’ve put on the last year.
4. I will see an improvement in my overall health.

I can use all the support and encouragement you can give me.
So please post a comment and encourage me to succeed in this endeavor.


  1. My husband and I quit smoking when we bought our first new car. At first, we just said we would never smoke inside of it, but that somehow made it easier for us to stop smoking everywhere else. One day, while driving in the mountains in Washington state, we had a bad close call and just missed getting knocked off the mountain road and into a crevasse. We stopped to regroup, got out of the car for a smoke, and both realized at the same time that we were going to be able to handle the situation without a cigarette. It was a wonderful moment and I was glad to be sharing it.

    It's been almost 30 years now, and we never looked back. We are so much healthier, although so much older! We can walk without puffing and have a much better chance of growing really old!

    Good luck to you. You've made a wonderful decision--and (at least in my experience) the decision is the big part. You will be an inspiration to me and to everyone who reads your blog. I've found that making a public declaration like you have is really helpful, too.

  2. Thank you so much Claire for the kind words of encouragement and for sharing your story... every little bit helps...


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