27 December 2011

Holbert Trail

Yesterday was such a wonderful day, I decided to get out and revisit some old haunts in South Mountain Park. South Mountain Park is the largest 'municipally' owned park in the United States. It boasts more than 17, 000 acres of rugged Sonoran Desert. Trails are multi-use, shared for hiking, horse back riding, and mountain biking.

This trail is one I've been on many times it leads to a secluded box canyon ... It's a relatively easy trail to walk, though riding Traveler through here would have been more fun... I wouldn't have been able to capture these shots.

Along the short trail into the canyon there are many interesting rock formations.. I have fond memories of leading many horse back riders through this area into the canyon for a private party or a cowboy cookout.

The canyon is deserted today... though I would not have been surprised to see 'cowboys' from the nearby stables setting up for an evening event.

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  1. What a lovely walk. Thank you for taking us along. I wish you many such walks in the New Year!


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