01 December 2011

Down Here

I appreciate the guest post, Lindsay Valdez
It took me a while to adjust to everything when I moved down here to Georgia – when I tell people where I live they usually just hear “Atlanta” but I hear “a small town outside of Atlanta nowhere near civilization” which feels pretty different when you’re actually living it, you know? I just have never been so out in the country and I’m having to get used to all this space, things like roosters crowing in the morning and using Hughesnet satellite internet. I came from New York so I can’t really imagine a bigger life change all at once but it’s for my new job which I’m really loving so I guess that helps make up for all the things I’m missing. I’ve got some family in Alabama, too, so it’s going to be nice to have somewhere to go for Thanksgiving and stuff since up in NYC I’ve never really been close to any relatives. I Guess I’m going to adjust to life here in Georgia but I can’t promise it will be easy!

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