07 November 2011

Rainy Monday

... and here I was... all geared up and ready to work after a short week last week. I'm on my way out the door (it's still 'dark thirty') and I get a text message (love my new phone for this reason, good or bad) telling me the job has cancelled and to stay home, dry and warm.

And why would I not love to have another day off?  Couple of things we can all agree on .... the dollars working brings home to pay bills, buy food, and countless other necessities. I'd rather be working.

It's finally cooled off in Phoenix after an excessively long hot summer season. But, the cool down is not good for the kind of work I do. Jobs, paving/asphalt, require a certain ambient temperature. Everything slows down, the days get shorter, jobs start later, or like this morning (because it was raining) cancel ...
Don't get me wrong, I love this time of year! So many things I can do. I look forward to getting Traveler saddled and working on the mountain trails. Lord knows we both need the exercise without getting overheated  and exhausted.
I look forward to dragging out 'cooler weather gear', sweaters, sweat-shirts, long sleeved work shirts, and light jackets... Yard work gets done at a reasonable hour without disturbing neighbors. My indoor plants get outside for much needed fresh air, they like this. I can open the windows and I can finally shut off the air conditioning! Woohoo!

The cats like this weather too, and have a 'zoomfest' each morning and evening. I'll save this for another post when I can catch them in the act...

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  1. Oh, my, we could use some rain down here in southern New Mexico. I have fond memories, which your pictures make me think about.


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