15 October 2011

Signs of the Season ... Halloween

My street is showing signs the seasons are changing… neighbors have begun to decorate for Halloween.. These shots are my neighbors place next door... (and I did ask permission before I decided to write this post...)

I don't know if I'll have the little ghosts, gremlin's, ghouls and goblins sneaking warily up my walkway.... but if they do come knocking ... I'll certainly have treats on hand for them ...along with the requisite pennies for UNICEF cartons .... Oh! Do children still collect for UNICEF? You can imagine how out of touch I am, if I'm asking questions...

I'm not even certain what evening (the 30th or the 31st) they will be out and about...it's been so long since I've lived in a neighborhood that has children, I can't remember....someone care to tell me so I'm not caught unprepared?

Just a reminder, too... Daylight Savings ends on Sunday, October 30, this year.

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