17 August 2011

Unhappy Puzzle

This morning I had to rearrange my office. One of my four legged 'furies' chewed through the power supply cord for my router. The cable from the modem wouldn't reach reach my desktop across the room.....

Anyway, this is just the beginning of the story which I will finish in the next post..

After I finished rearranging everything and had my computer up and running, Puzzle decided to investigate and was sorely put out by the change..

She opted for lap sitting, which she usually likes to do, except the short lap sit didn't seem to please her either... she's gone away to sulk, and I can get some work done.


  1. Funny cat! She'll find comfort on a wider berth...

  2. She's definitely a lap sitter. If I'd let her she'd sit all day every day...but I get tired of her claws in my legs if I move she she get's banished too.

  3. Well, she's lucky that chewing through the cord didn't make her a smoldering lap warmer! You are a patient pet owner!

  4. Quilly it wasn't Puzzle that chewed through the cord. It was NIlly!


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