26 August 2011

NASCAR Fans! PIR gets a face lift!

Phoenix International Raceway, aka PIR, is undergoing face lift! This is not news to the thousands of fans who come out to the races each year when NASCAR comes to town. It's a ghost town out there right now except for the construction crews putting the finishing touches down.  I shot these shots, rather hurriedly I must admit, while I was waiting for a truck before me to finish unloading....

The track and infield have been 'remodeled' (if you will... for lack of a better term). The old track surface has been removed, recycled, and a new surface is down. I"m told, this one mile oval track has had some modifications. It is my understanding the pit area has been moved slightly to allow for a wider track between the pits and the stands. Is this for more three-wide racing?

In this mirror shot I was waiting to be signaled back to the paving machine to dump my load.

The area we were working in is along the back stretch wall between turns two and three. This asphalt walkway will allow fans have views of the track while they are walking to their seats from the parking lots.
Rumor has it (and this is rumor) some of the dirt parking areas will be paved as well. I guess we'll have to wait until November to see the final results. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product. How about you?

For ticket information and other PIR news, go to www.phoenixraceway.com .

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