13 August 2011

I knew I was home when...

When I was still trucking over the road and headed home for time off... I knew I was home when I could see these towers on the top of South Mountain.
They are communications towers and can be seen for miles and miles. At night they are lit with red lights to warn away planes coming into Sky Harbor International Airport in the valley below, and a welcoming site to a weary traveler, like myself, who just wants to get home.

These shots were taken recently from the "Dobbins Lookout" in South Mountain Park on an evening when the skies were hazy and the air had the feeling of rain in it.
Throughout the 17,000 acre park there are many rock structures similar to this one. Some are perched at the top of rugged trails overlooks, others are tucked away to be seen on a hike or horseback ride. This particular one (also at the Dobbins Lookout) is perched near the edge to give shelter in a storm or just enjoy the spectacular views of the valley floor below.

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