07 August 2011

Got flies?

Flies are a problem this time of year, so are mosquitoes and many other flying, biting, and irritating critters. Today, I want to touch on fly remedies.

I like to keep Avon's 'Skin so Soft' (original bath oil) on hand for fly spray on Traveler, but alas I've run out ...

Here are a couple of quick easily made home recipes for combating flies.

Fly spray
18 oz vinegar
2 TBSP dish soap
Mix in a 20 oz. spray bottle
Spray directly on horse avoiding the eyes.
Use a soft cloth dampened to wipe around the eyes, ears, and face.

Flies in the barn area?
(especially after the kids have shot holes in your fly traps with a pellet gun ...)
3 C. water
1/4 C. sugar
1/4 C. vinegar Note: I use white vinegar but any other variety will work.
Mix together in a quart jar.
Cover tightly and poke holes in the top.
Set around the barn area (preferably in a shady out of the way area)

I've used this second recipe around my porch at home. Putting it out about an hour before we plan to sit outside usually has the flies at bay in short order.

I'd be interested in learning what you use and works for you in the way of home remedies for flies. So, please share.

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