02 August 2011

Google Chrome

I've been way, way behind the times!

I had an issue with Internet Explorer this morning when it wouldn't let me post a comment to my niece's blog, except as 'anonymous' and then wouldn't let me sign into my Google account to post the dang comment... at the same time, I was trying to keep a chat going with my sister, and I kept getting kicked out of that too...

Mind you nothing against Internet Explorer ... I've used it for years...but it's time to move forward...  I'm self-taught computer literate.  Installing Google Chrome was the easy part... trying to figure out how to make it work was the challenge. Frustration was running high, I actually had to get up and walk away from the computer before I lost it completely and did something I knew I'd regret and likely might not be able to reverse.

I took some time away. When I came back I decided I really needed to do check out the tutorials... and learn something about Google Chrome before I abandoned it completely... step by step I survived the process and have tweaked my new Google Chrome home page to my satisfaction.

So, thank you to my sister (who must have the patience of a saint and I think she does...) for step by step chatting me through this whole process.  I think I'm really going to like using Google Chrome once I get used to using it.... and they say patience is a virtue... I didn't have much (patience, that is) earlier today.

On to the next challenge.... Oh and yes, I was finally able to post a comment to my niece's blog, as myself and not as 'anonymous'.

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