26 August 2011

NASCAR Fans! PIR gets a face lift!

Phoenix International Raceway, aka PIR, is undergoing face lift! This is not news to the thousands of fans who come out to the races each year when NASCAR comes to town. It's a ghost town out there right now except for the construction crews putting the finishing touches down.  I shot these shots, rather hurriedly I must admit, while I was waiting for a truck before me to finish unloading....

The track and infield have been 'remodeled' (if you will... for lack of a better term). The old track surface has been removed, recycled, and a new surface is down. I"m told, this one mile oval track has had some modifications. It is my understanding the pit area has been moved slightly to allow for a wider track between the pits and the stands. Is this for more three-wide racing?

In this mirror shot I was waiting to be signaled back to the paving machine to dump my load.

The area we were working in is along the back stretch wall between turns two and three. This asphalt walkway will allow fans have views of the track while they are walking to their seats from the parking lots.
Rumor has it (and this is rumor) some of the dirt parking areas will be paved as well. I guess we'll have to wait until November to see the final results. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product. How about you?

For ticket information and other PIR news, go to www.phoenixraceway.com .

Skywatch Friday, Season 5 Episode 7

I'm sorry I'm a little late getting this posted this week.. I started a new job and have been consumed with it.

I just took these pics outside my door... I heard a clap of thunder and thought? What the heck is it going to storm? Grabbed the camera and out the door I went.
and then.... another clap of thunder...

The cloud moved and the rains came.... short storm... just enough to wet the ground and mess up the car I washed last night.

Ah well....Happy sky watching everyone! Scoot on over to Skywatch Fridays and check out cool pics from all over the globe.

18 August 2011

Skywatch Friday, Season 5 Episode 6

Today's post is dedicated to Klaus Peter who was an active participant, supporter, and owner/maintainer of Skywatch.

I am new to Skywatch Fridays and can not begin to imagine how much everyone will miss Klaus. Head on over to Skywatch Friday to see pictures from allover the world.

17 August 2011

The saga of the power supply cable

Last night I was chatting with my sis when all of a sudden, I was off line. Had nothing. When I looked at the router I didn't have a power light... Upon further investigation, I discovered one of my four legged furies... had chewed through the power supply cord for my router. Panic!
After the discovery and a few minutes of quick rerouting I was back on line. Below is a shot of the suspect culprit snoozing peacefully as if she'd done nothing incredibly wrong! NILLY!

The problem with the quick rerouting was the wiring was exposed and if Nilly so decided, she would she would have at these cables too and I would be down for who knows how long... Therein lies the reason for rearranging the office again. Below is the shot from early this morning before I rearranged ....Sorry the desk looks such a mess, I'm not usually this untidy!

My office area is small! We have two computers. At one time I had them side by side as I do now and had them cabled directly from the router. I wasn't very happy with the setup and changed the room around. I have a wireless adapter so if I want .. I can move one computer to a different area of the house and still have internet service on both machines.

Well, long story short... I've had to rearrange again and put things back as they were originally. Because I now lack power supply for the router I can only have one computer running at a time. I'm kinda bummed, but we'll live through it.

Above is the finished project, I think? For now it's workable.

Unhappy Puzzle

This morning I had to rearrange my office. One of my four legged 'furies' chewed through the power supply cord for my router. The cable from the modem wouldn't reach reach my desktop across the room.....

Anyway, this is just the beginning of the story which I will finish in the next post..

After I finished rearranging everything and had my computer up and running, Puzzle decided to investigate and was sorely put out by the change..

She opted for lap sitting, which she usually likes to do, except the short lap sit didn't seem to please her either... she's gone away to sulk, and I can get some work done.

13 August 2011

I knew I was home when...

When I was still trucking over the road and headed home for time off... I knew I was home when I could see these towers on the top of South Mountain.
They are communications towers and can be seen for miles and miles. At night they are lit with red lights to warn away planes coming into Sky Harbor International Airport in the valley below, and a welcoming site to a weary traveler, like myself, who just wants to get home.

These shots were taken recently from the "Dobbins Lookout" in South Mountain Park on an evening when the skies were hazy and the air had the feeling of rain in it.
Throughout the 17,000 acre park there are many rock structures similar to this one. Some are perched at the top of rugged trails overlooks, others are tucked away to be seen on a hike or horseback ride. This particular one (also at the Dobbins Lookout) is perched near the edge to give shelter in a storm or just enjoy the spectacular views of the valley floor below.

11 August 2011

Skywatch Fridays

Skywatch Fridays was created by Dot, perfected by Tom, now hosted by Klaus and the Skywatch team of Wren, Sylvia, Fishing Guy and Sandy. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.

07 August 2011

Got flies?

Flies are a problem this time of year, so are mosquitoes and many other flying, biting, and irritating critters. Today, I want to touch on fly remedies.

I like to keep Avon's 'Skin so Soft' (original bath oil) on hand for fly spray on Traveler, but alas I've run out ...

Here are a couple of quick easily made home recipes for combating flies.

Fly spray
18 oz vinegar
2 TBSP dish soap
Mix in a 20 oz. spray bottle
Spray directly on horse avoiding the eyes.
Use a soft cloth dampened to wipe around the eyes, ears, and face.

Flies in the barn area?
(especially after the kids have shot holes in your fly traps with a pellet gun ...)
3 C. water
1/4 C. sugar
1/4 C. vinegar Note: I use white vinegar but any other variety will work.
Mix together in a quart jar.
Cover tightly and poke holes in the top.
Set around the barn area (preferably in a shady out of the way area)

I've used this second recipe around my porch at home. Putting it out about an hour before we plan to sit outside usually has the flies at bay in short order.

I'd be interested in learning what you use and works for you in the way of home remedies for flies. So, please share.

06 August 2011

Dust, cat hair, and more dust....

Puzzle had a little bit of a dilemma today when I tore my bedroom apart to rid it of a few months accumulation of dust and cat hair under the bed and behind the dresser. She thought sitting atop the edge of the bed was going to be the answer until I dragged out the vacuum.

She couldn't escape fast enough.

All three of them went into hiding. None of them like the vacuum and have taken refuge where ever they can find to hide, at least until they are sure it's been put away or until it's time to eat again. Probably the latter.

03 August 2011

Lighthouses and calendars

I just changed the calendar. I know it's the third of the month already, but I've been otherwise occupied. When I bought the 2011 calendar's I bought 'lighthouses' for myself because I've been homesick for the coast,  I didn't look at the months, my focus was on the seascapes. To my surprise this month's location is the Lime  Kiln Light on San Juan Island in Washington State.

San Juan Island is a place I haven't been yet. I'd like to go there one day soon.

02 August 2011

Google Chrome

I've been way, way behind the times!

I had an issue with Internet Explorer this morning when it wouldn't let me post a comment to my niece's blog, except as 'anonymous' and then wouldn't let me sign into my Google account to post the dang comment... at the same time, I was trying to keep a chat going with my sister, and I kept getting kicked out of that too...

Mind you nothing against Internet Explorer ... I've used it for years...but it's time to move forward...  I'm self-taught computer literate.  Installing Google Chrome was the easy part... trying to figure out how to make it work was the challenge. Frustration was running high, I actually had to get up and walk away from the computer before I lost it completely and did something I knew I'd regret and likely might not be able to reverse.

I took some time away. When I came back I decided I really needed to do check out the tutorials... and learn something about Google Chrome before I abandoned it completely... step by step I survived the process and have tweaked my new Google Chrome home page to my satisfaction.

So, thank you to my sister (who must have the patience of a saint and I think she does...) for step by step chatting me through this whole process.  I think I'm really going to like using Google Chrome once I get used to using it.... and they say patience is a virtue... I didn't have much (patience, that is) earlier today.

On to the next challenge.... Oh and yes, I was finally able to post a comment to my niece's blog, as myself and not as 'anonymous'.