20 July 2011

Time for TLC ...

It's time for Traveler to have his hooves trimmed and be wormed. I try to get this done every eight weeks without fail. I have a guy who comes out to care for Trav's hooves. I really like this guy. He's good with Traveler and in return Traveler behaves well for him which makes the process a whole lot easier. It takes about an hour.

While the farrier is working on Traveler, I like to be there with them.  I can ask questions about the condition of his hooves. For instance, are they too soft, too hard, if there is a crack or tear I need to keep an eye on, or if there might be some infection. I generally get a clean bill of health on Traveler's hooves.

I take care of worming myself. Traveler gets this treatment the same day the farrier is out. This way I don't have try and remember when the last time I wormed was, it's done on the same schedule with the visit from the farrier.

Some horse owners prefer to use a dry wormer which is fed daily with their animal's feed and other supplements. Since I don't often supplement Traveler's feed with oats, bran or other supplements, I prefer paste wormer. It's easy to use on an eight week cycle giving the horse complete protection against parasites.

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