26 July 2011

Ozark Trails Tent

I have had a lot of visits from people looking for tents in the last few weeks. So, I thought I would answer some questions I left unaswered when I posted the first article.
This is the Three Room XL Vacation Lodge by Ozark Trails. When I orginally posted (3.2011) about this tent, it was with intention of camping with my horse, having enough space to store all the 'stuff'  I need to take along with me, and still have room for others who need a place to put their heads down. This tent is advertised to sleep ten comfortably, but if you have a lot of  'stuff' like I do, then I'd think four others with all their gear, too, would be very comfortable.

I did notice after one particularly windy storm I had small tears where the fabric walls and floor separated at stake points. These small tears were easily repaired by restitching the fabirc to the floor, then repositioning the tent floor and not staking it so taughtly to the ground. Note: These repairs were something I did after the tent was down.

I can honestly say, the 'rain fly cover' over the mesh roof will keep the rain out as long as the wind is not gusting to excess. The tent will move in the wind but will not uproot when secured properly.

On the set up ... as I posted in the first article ... the directions were slightly confusing and are located on the front of the carry bag that comes with the tent. I asked a friend to help me with the original set up, but since have been able to set it up by myself .. Yes, it takes a little longer to do it alone, but it can be accomplished!

I still consider the tent an excellent value for the money I spent.

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  1. Fabulous! I was considerting taking a camping trip down to Peter's pond soon. I have an old tent I like alot but I've lost some of the poles... I may consider getting one like yours, it looks easier to set up than mine.


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