30 July 2011

Escape the heat

A northern Arizona camping trip. Mum had made a reservation for us at Circle Pines KOA near Williams, AZ mile post 167 on I-40.

Our hosts were warm, friendly and welcoming even with Bear and Smudge (our dogs) along. They would have to be on leashes and right with us at all times. We were directed to this wonderfully shady site and in a short time we had everthing set up and were ready to explore the rest of the campgrounds, which offers all kinds of amenities for all kinds of visitors.

The next day instead of heading to the Grand Canyon ... which is only about two hours away, we decided to head over to Snowbowl.

I considered getting on the chair lift and riding it to the top for some shots, but since we had the dogs with us, one of us would have had to stay behind. Instead we hiked a little way up and I shot these pics.

Great escape from the heat in the Valley of the Sun. There's so much more to do around northern AZ. It's time for another road trip, I guess..


  1. Nice pics. Sounds like a fun day.

  2. does sound like a fun day, with the exception of camp setup. decidedly un-fun!


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