16 July 2011


My routine is pretty much the same everyday. Get up, throw on some clothes, wash my face, shuffle to the kitchen in the dark. Retrieve the food dishes along the way... into the sink with water to soak. Start the coffee pot. The pot gurgles, I forgot to put water in it last night. ARGH! It's hard to have coffee without the water. It's a little after 5 AM. What's this? Still dark? No, not dark, just a little after daylight. Duh! The days are getting shorter. I had to peek through the curtain to make sure the clocks weren't all wrong...

Nilly has left me a present, this morning... hairball in the dry food dish. Nothing new. How do I know it's Nilly? Caught her in the act a few times. EW!

While I wash their food dishes, Gibby is around my legs and under foot, a sure sign I'd better get his food down as soon as possible. He's likely to get stepped on if he doesn't quit. Smart kitty that she is ... Puzzle sits just out of sight (out of the way, too) where she can watch. She's more patient than Gibby is. Nilly? Well, she's disappeared, not much interested, tho I know she will surface eventually.... Little kitty meows... saying hurry up, we're hungry!

Yay! Food is ready, dishes down... Gibby's first, then Nilly's. Puzzle and I hurry, hurry, hurry to the bedroom with hers. She scoots in front of me (Maybe waddles quickly is a better way to describe it? She's rather large sized). She prefers to have her food on my dresser in privacy, but she won't begin to eat until I rub her head and back. Think they're spoiled? Yup, it's a safe bet they are....

Back in the kitchen, Nilly is waiting, but I don't know what for, she looks at me lovingly and meows quietly ... most mornings she can't decide if she wants to eat; wiggle, wiggle on the floor; play the zoom game, or eat the plants. Sometimes, I think her 'sniffer' doesn't work, so I set the dish under her nose ... she can decide for herself. I think she eats the plants just to bug me...they're all torn up. I grow kitty grass for them to nibble on, too. The other day I found her sleeping in the kitty grass conatiner, it's time to plant some more, I guess... I can't understand Nilly's fascination with the other plants, though...

Pour the first cuppa, sit down at my desk to enjoy while my computer boots up. Check email, the news, Facebook, Blogs, and start a list. A list? Things to do... what definitely needs to get done today, and what might get done today, and procrastination projects...

I'm clock watching while I do this 'list thing' ... time to feed Traveler and have to finish dressing. He likes his breakfast right after daylight, too. Search for sneakers, rummage for socks and a crappy 'T' to wear ... don't have to look pretty to muck a pen. Find keys, cell phone, wallet, camera ... can't go without the camera, just in case I see something neat to snap a pic of along the way.

Out the door. Off and running... Traveler is a few mintues away. He whickers as I pull up. Meets me at the gate to say 'hello'. Quick rub on his nose, he's impatient and letting me know. Check his eyes, the flies bother him. He continues his whickering as I gather his feed, watches closely and follows me to where I'm going to throw it...he's right there when it lands. Yummmmmm!

Check the water in the barrels. Trav has trashed the shorter barrel but it's still half full so he will drink it down. I make a mental note to clean them later in the day, (have to bring bleach to clean them). The bigger one smells musty. He won't drink from it if it's musty.

Gather the rake, shovel and wheelbarrow, into the pen I go. Pen raked, poo shoveled, ready to dump. Dump the wheelbarrow, put away the tools, find the fly spray. Traveler doesn't like the sprayer, but tolerates, because he knows it keeps the flies off him all day long. He's happy.

I like the peace and quiet around this place. I can hear the horses kicking the fences next door. It's their daily game to get attention/fed too. There were two little bunnies munching on new shoots of grass in Trav's pen. I'm surprised they're not scared of me. I think they're bellies tell them to keep munching. I won't hurt them.

The dog came to greet me, too. Her name is Calie, I don't know what breed she is.. she looks like a basset hound. I think she's lonesome most of the time, though Chuck's grandkids do play with her when they are around. She's not allowed in the house.

There's little traffic on the street, but it's still early, too. I hear coyotes calling in the distance.. unusual this time of day....I surmise they're on a last hunt before disappearing into their dens for the day.

One last check to be sure I haven't forgotten anything, Trav has enough water until later.... heading back home again. Litter boxes! If I don't do them right now, I will be haunted until they are done. They all (Traveler included) know how to push my buttons! and I'm more than agreeable to see after their needs, otherwise why would I have them?

Now, what's on my 'to do' list? Too much... nothing worthy of mention, 'cuz it probably won't all get accomplished ... not today, anyway... it's Saturday! Day off? What's that?


  1. do fly masks not work or is it too hot?

  2. Fly masks are a personal preference of many... Traveler has such an oddly shaped head... they/flies get up under the mask and can't get out... making his eyes worse. So, I don't use them...

    He also rubs the darn thing off on the fence and in the rubbing tears it up.... So, in my case, not cost effective...

    I do have to comment that for many... fly masks are life savers... not just for keeping flies at bay, but for keeping the sun off their eyes, reducing the probability of eye cancer ... The mesh of the fly mask acts as a sun shade.

  3. that is really cool! but i never would have thought your horse was oddly shaped!


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