09 July 2011

Counting the days ....

I'm originally from New Hampshire and Massachusetts. A close friend will be leaving Phoenix and the desert southwest in a couple of weeks. We've begun to count the days. They are busy with the final details of planning. They're on the move to Massachusetts ... fresh beginnings and a new home. I'm going to miss them terribly.

I know the change will be good for them, a huge adjustment, especially transitioning to totally different weather and the seasonal changes of the northeast United States versus the dry desert climate of the southwest. This first winter they will make the climate transition. I imagine them huddling together on wet fall and snowy winter mornings... the little dogs sniffing the wet icy porch and snow ... ultimately to turn away from going outside ... for the warm confines of kennels and newspapers on the kitchen floor.

I shouldn't chuckle ... I'd be huddling, too! I've become aclaimated to the warmer climes of the southern half of the United States. Truth be told, I'd have adjustments to make, too, but I was born a hardy New Englander and I would re-adjust just as will they.

The memories...the transition from summer to fall, the leaves in their breathtaking beauty and color; what seems to be a long drawn out winter; then as if by magic... the buds and blooms of spring, and again into summer. The seasonal cylce. Yes, thirty years later I do remember....

I can imagine Traveler in the first snow. He'd be classic to watch. He doesn't know about snow. The cold air billowing from his nostrils before he lowers his head to snuffle the snow and jumping back when it billows into his face. His heavy winter coat would be extra shaggy, the hair tipped with copper highlights making him seem as if there is a halo around him in the sunlight. My imaginings ....

I'm envious, very sad to see them leave on this 2800 mile trip across country. This isn't goodbye .. this is a 'see you soon' kind of thing. There will be lots and lots of tears when the day arrives. The rental truck will be packed, the pick up will be loaded, the moment of actually driving away will be delayed while we hug and say whispered final thoughts and farewell to each other.

We will keep in touch. There is email, we've swapped addresses. We have our Facebook pages where we are friends, we can see what's happening, but it won't be like being able to see each other face to face.

God speed and safe trip!

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