09 May 2011

A new toy

                                                         WooHoo! Hoooorrrrray! Yay!

I've been whining about my camera only taking 'fuzzies' since it was dropped. Today, I went to get a brand new one.  I can take pictures again! I've been so lost without it. I'm psyched and ready to go out to shoot some pics right now! Alas but I need to wait until it's fully charged, so tomorrow will be soon enough I guess.

I wanted an easy point and shoot format. I wanted compact and light weight, too, since it goes most everywhere with me. I looked at a few different brands in comparable price ranges and decided on the Kodak Easy Share M532 14 MP (megapixel) 4X wide angle zoom 28mm WIDE - 110mm (equivelant); 2.7" (6.9cm) LCD.

It is compact and light weight, lighter than the other one; rechargable battery (which by the way can either be charged via ordinary outlet or thru your computer when it's running. Storage from the factory is 64mb (not a lot, so it has a space for a SD card. I already have a 2GB that will fit it, so no need to buy another one.

I have a couple of ways to go to store and move pictures... on the card, on the computer, or I can share immediately with friends and family on Facebook or other social media site...the USB cable that accompanied it, doubles for download or charging...

Wish me luck! In a few days I'll have it down to a science.

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