24 May 2011

Cooking Improvements

Thanks to  Wm Rowe
Goodness gracious, there are so many excellent cooking shows on TV nowadays! I consider myself a sort of professional home chef, and I absolutely adore keeping the TV on in the background to a cooking show while I'm in the kitchen making something for myself. Obviously, The Food Network is my favorite channel, followed closely by The Cooking Channel which is just a sister property of Food. All the chefs on those channels really know what they're doing, and if so call me to me to sit on my couch and watch them do their thing. I didn't even have access to any of these great channels before I went to WWW.CLEARTVBUNDLE.COM and signed up for my bundle package, so that certainly a decision I'm glad I made. My husband says he can tell a noticeable difference in quality of my cooking so that's reason enough for me to keep watching for my favorite shows! At least, that's my excuse for having the TV on about 15 hours any given day of the week…


  1. Nutella and toast! Ha! I watch the food network sometimes, but I mostly love IRON CHEF, the old ones where they dub it into english...the translation always sounds funny and sometimes doesnt come out just right!


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