24 May 2011

Cooking Improvements

Thanks to  Wm Rowe
Goodness gracious, there are so many excellent cooking shows on TV nowadays! I consider myself a sort of professional home chef, and I absolutely adore keeping the TV on in the background to a cooking show while I'm in the kitchen making something for myself. Obviously, The Food Network is my favorite channel, followed closely by The Cooking Channel which is just a sister property of Food. All the chefs on those channels really know what they're doing, and if so call me to me to sit on my couch and watch them do their thing. I didn't even have access to any of these great channels before I went to WWW.CLEARTVBUNDLE.COM and signed up for my bundle package, so that certainly a decision I'm glad I made. My husband says he can tell a noticeable difference in quality of my cooking so that's reason enough for me to keep watching for my favorite shows! At least, that's my excuse for having the TV on about 15 hours any given day of the week…

22 May 2011

Serious stuff for horse owners....

EHV-1, equine herpes virus myeloencephalopathy, a particularly contagious viral disease of horses that can cause respiratory distress, abortion in pregnant mares, and occasionally neurologic disease. The resipiratory part of this virus is common in horses and is called Rhinopneumanitis. This particular strain of EHV-1 is suspected to have neurologic implications.

Incubation after exposure is typically 2-10 days. Typical symptoms include a clear nasal discharge, elevated temperature, lack of coordination, lethargy. The disease when caught early and treated can run it's course in 21 days typically. Quarantine is reccomended.

How do your and your horses become exposed? Trail riding in a large group, horse shows /clinics, trading snuffles across the fence with another horse. These are a few ways to contract this virus. You can also transmit this virus to your horse. Dirty hands, dirty tack, feed buckets, on your clothes. This virus can travel in the air. Humans are not at risk to contract this virus, though we can be carriers.

All week I've been getting updated from neighbors (other horse people), the feed stores, and the vet. I've kept Traveler to his stall and the small pasture.  My neighbors have done the same. According to my vet, it isn't likely he will contract this ugly virus. He hasn't traveled, he hasn't been in contact with other horses who have traveled. But the vet recommended, caution, that I keep him close to home for 21 days and update his vaccinations as soon as possible.

I'm not an authority on this issue and can only pass along information as I get it. Needless to say, Traveler and I will not be going far anytime soon. I'm being cautious and having care when I visit friends/neighbors who own horses ... by washing my hands and trying not to bring it home on my clothes. I'm also watching for signs of symptoms as mentioned above.

Here's a link for the down and dirty of EHV-1 then click on 'features',  then 'horse health' and scroll down the page to find the article entitled  "EHV-1 - What do I need to know RIGHT NOW?"

16 May 2011

BBQ and Fire pits

I've been watching this unique fire pit and BBQ take shape at a neighbors place.

I didn't get to ask what this unique looking object is, but I can only assume it will be some kind of smoker/cooker.
The gray object above and below will make bread and tortillas.

The enitre porperty is starting to take shape. The interior of the building has been gutted and is being entirely remodeled from top to bottom. I can't wait to see the finished porduct. I'll have to keep y'all posted on this as it is a work in progess.

15 May 2011

Laveen Horse and Carriage

Laveen Horse and Carriage is relatively new to Laveen and South Phoenix in Arizona.

Owner and operator, Joyce Oliphant started the business in 2009. Joyce, her horse 'Floozy' and her companion 'Sprout' will carry you through quiet rural streets along the northern borders of South Mountain Park, an ideal setting for romantic interludes with someone special, awesome mountain vistas, fantastic views of the city, picturesque sunsets, or the sheer joy of riding in an antique carriage.

Carriage rides originate from Del Monte's Market (circa 1908) at the corner of 27th Avenue and West Dobbins Road or The T-Bone Steakhouse located at the end of 19th Avenue south of Dobbins Road nestled in the foothills.

Joyce, Floozy, Sprout, and the antique carriage are available Friday and Saturday evenings during the fall, winter, and spring months. Through the summer months, Joyce operates by appointment only and is available for special outings such as weddings and other private engagements. One only needs to call or have a look at Laveen Horse and Carriage for more information.

11 May 2011

Traveler's new home

Sorry, it looks so wet. I'd just finished dumping his water barrels and cleaning them when I decided to shoot this pic (with my new camera). He has a double pen here only separated by a twelve foot section of fence that was tack welded to the poles.

Here's another angle of his pen. I'm kind of sad he doesn't have some stablemates, but maybe soon. It was too windy and dusty yesterday to shoot pics of the pasture where I can turn him out. I'm hoping I'll be able to do that very soon.

He's settling in well, not calling for his old stablemates any longer. He does return a call if another horse calls. There are other horses right next door, too, but not where he can see them unless they're out in the large dirt pasture the next lot over.

I hear him whicker as I drive through the gate each morning and evening to feed, clean is his pen, and fill or clean his water conatiners. Of course, you know I've been spoiling him with treats the last two weeks, too. He loves his carrots. I'm finally getting the winter hair off him. It's taken two weeks of daily brushing (which he loves) to get him almost (what we call) slicked off.  It's been so dry here, he's full of static electricity. His mane and tail are starting to look better, too, I've had to put conditioner on them. 

09 May 2011

A new toy

                                                         WooHoo! Hoooorrrrray! Yay!

I've been whining about my camera only taking 'fuzzies' since it was dropped. Today, I went to get a brand new one.  I can take pictures again! I've been so lost without it. I'm psyched and ready to go out to shoot some pics right now! Alas but I need to wait until it's fully charged, so tomorrow will be soon enough I guess.

I wanted an easy point and shoot format. I wanted compact and light weight, too, since it goes most everywhere with me. I looked at a few different brands in comparable price ranges and decided on the Kodak Easy Share M532 14 MP (megapixel) 4X wide angle zoom 28mm WIDE - 110mm (equivelant); 2.7" (6.9cm) LCD.

It is compact and light weight, lighter than the other one; rechargable battery (which by the way can either be charged via ordinary outlet or thru your computer when it's running. Storage from the factory is 64mb (not a lot, so it has a space for a SD card. I already have a 2GB that will fit it, so no need to buy another one.

I have a couple of ways to go to store and move pictures... on the card, on the computer, or I can share immediately with friends and family on Facebook or other social media site...the USB cable that accompanied it, doubles for download or charging...

Wish me luck! In a few days I'll have it down to a science.

07 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day Wishes

First Happy Mother's Day to everyone who is already a mother, going to be a mother soon, and those of us who are already have grandchildren, too.

It's a special day, one deserving of a breakfast in bed (maybe), and/or a huge bouquet of freshly picked flowers, or the children and Dad cooking your favorite meal later in the day. Whatever it is .... it's a very special day for Mom's all over the world.

A Mom is someone who never forgets you're birthday no matter how old you are; remembers things you did as a child you'd rather not remember or have repeated to friends; cheered you at school events; helped you with homework if she could; made sure you had clean clothes; cooked meals for you, cried when you reached milestones or when you got married; and made life so much easier in so many ways.

No matter how you feel about your mother today...she gave you life. Today it's your life, you're grown up with familes of your own and being wished "Happy Mother's Day", too. So, remember her fondly and have a wonderful have a wonderful fun filled day! 

02 May 2011

Stableing ... boarding

Personally and ideally, I'd like to have Traveler in my backyard. The backyard option is not available now, so I went searching for different options before making a decision. I really wanted a place where I could do the work myself. Cleaning and mucking his pen/stall, feeding, turning him out. Everything that goes with having him in a backyard situation.

Each time I have moved Traveler to a new home .... I worry ... will he get along with the other horses and they with him? Will he be aggressive? Will he have to be moved away from his new stablemates and be stalled alone? Will he turn aggressive with other horses in the turn out area or pasture? How long will he stand and 'call' to his old stablemates? Will his 'calling' (whini-ing) be distruptive to the facility manager or private homeowner?

My 'big' guy has an alpha personality and as such lets the other horses know he's there. I've watched while he's been chased (or done the chasing around a pasture, ears flattened, teeth nipping at flanks or noses to the ground in a 'snaking manner'. I know y'all think I'm crazy for watching this kind of behavior, but it's part of the process. It's all about the herding instinct they are born with. There is a pecking order in the herd and each horse knows where it belongs in the order. Generally, the horses figure it out between themselves with little or no harm done to each other. They are alert and attentive when a new horse enters their domain. They do adapt to their new surroundings in a short time.

I do not advocate aggressive behavior. No one wants a vet bill. If you watch closely horses will greet each other nose to nose, have a good sniff, snort and maybe (??) strike at the ground with a squeal before backing away and standing still. I do not recommend turning a 'fresh' newcomer into a pasture situation with other horses that have been together a while until you can stand at the fence and watch how they will behave together and be ready to react if something untold occurs.

The last few years, Traveler has been with and older horses. He likes to romp, kick up his heels and race too and fro through the pasture after being penned. Over the years, he's had numerous bite marks across his neck and rump, too. Superficial cuts and abraisions healed quickly with minimal care rarely necessitating a vet call. The cut cleaned and watched for infection, the hair grows back in a few weeks.

On Saturday morning, we walked the short distance (about 1/3 of a mile) to his new home. My friend had pulled her horses from the pasture so I turned Trav out to let him get their scents. I watched a short time while he cruised around and sniffed all the fresh dung. He lifted his head nose curled in a 'stallion' way (since my friend also has a filly that pastures with her other horses).

I would learn later in the day, he did some 'calling' for his old stablemates, but he wasn't annoying. I witnessed his proud flight in the pasture late in the day as I was returning. My friend had her filly hooked up to a carriage for an evening event and was just leaving her yard. His head was up, tail flying out behind as he dashed hither and yon. The filly (who's name is Floosie, by the way) seemed nonpulsed to bother with him. He seems to be adjusting to his new surroundings well.  We'll see how things go and keep y'all posted.