19 April 2011

Up and runing again

Sorry, I've been away ... my computer has been sitting while I finish other things ... I needed to get it connected again to Curmudge's internet service. I finally accomplished that feat this evening...

I could have used his laptop to post here, but I just don't like the keyboard  ... makes my wrists hurt ... sooo, I've just been visiting around for short bursts of time the last few days, instead of spending hours like I sometimes do. Now, I can. My desktop is up and running and I'm ready to get after it again.

I won't be posting pictures for a while. Somone dropped my camera on Sunday while we were perusing pics I had stored on it. It landed hard on the concrete and damaged the lense. I can take pics, but they're all fuzzy and out of focus. Gonna have to replace it very soon. I don't go far without it in my pocket.

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