14 April 2011

Two older horses

I'm doing some legwork for my friend who has two older horses. We are searching for a 'retirement' facility or a place to donate them in Arizona where they can live out their lives in peace and quiet. I'm not sure where to begin my search and I know she's talked to someone in southern Arizona who has information and can be of assistance. We are waiting.

My friend is moving and can no longer keep these two wonderful animals. A little background ... both horses are over 20 years old and have had good lives. Both horses are in good health. My friend would like them to live out their lives in a peaceful situation.

"Coke" is a quarter horse gelding and is docile. He is approximately 23 years young. He has been carrying my friend's granddaughter without incident for a number of years. She has been riding him in gymkhana the last year, but he is getting too old for the rigors of chasing cattle or hard riding like gymkhana, though he does well with riders of all ages and abilities.

"Zor" is a gelded Arabian. He is the pet of my friend's late 'significant other'. He is about 24 years young. He requires a firm hand and an experienced rider. He wants lots of love and attention.

Both horses load and travel easily, so this is not an issue for my friend when it comes to moving them. My friend is more than willing to trailer them to a new home. They have spent the last few years together in pasture and/or a large, large pen. My friend would like them to remain together if at all possible.

Any information, contacts, or leads to follow up on is greatly appreciated. Time is of the essence. You can comment directly to this blog or email  me at  megfifebell@hotmail.com  Thanks in advance to anyone who can help us.

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