26 April 2011

Traveler goes to a new home...

Well ... I was going to move him to a new home today, but at the last minute his stablemate, Zor, wasn't being picked up this morning. This is probalby a good thing since I haven't had time to go over to the new place and make sure everything is ready for him. Curmudge and I are going to move his 'portable' fence panels later on today, along with his water barrels, feed barrels, water hose and more stuff than I will probably need there.

He's going to be around the corner from Jean's so I can walk him over when the time comes. He will be alone in his new stall until he acclamates to the new friends he will meet. Once they (all four of them) acclamate then he can be turned out with them to graze.

I think it will be late Friday before we finally go to Traveler's new stall.  The gal who is taking Zor for Jean couldn't make it into town today with the horse trailer, so Jean will load him (into her horse trailer) on Friday afternoon and take him out to his new home.


  1. pretty good! i'm glad trav will have friends in his new home...

  2. I wish I had pics....camera got dropped last week and just takes fuzzies now... not happy about that, I'm lost without my camera...


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