08 April 2011

Tilt and Whirl

Lord, give me the strength to get through everyday life.

The world seems to be spinning out of control. STOP THE WORLD SO I CAN GET OFF. PLEASE! And I mean jump off after it stops.

In light of what I posted a few hours ago, this is what I feel like doing .... all the media hype, spin and twist will not get the job done. What is the job? Finance the government for another six months! Create a balanced operating budget for 2012! (somehow, some way) Avoid catastrophic setbacks the weak economy can't handle! Create jobs! Do something except argue amongst yourselves.

Ideology doesn't fit here! Common sense should prevail, but I see little of that in all the interviews I've seen the last few hours. I don't know what to call what I'm seeing in real time media coverage. And at what cost does shutting down the government have for the average guy/gal on the street? What's next? Impact eminant.

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