08 April 2011

... how will 'it' effect you? The clock is ticking ...

Looming government shutdown ....
$176,000.00/12 months = $14,666.67 per month/4.3 weeks = $3,410.85 per week. I'm in the wrong business. This represents the average compensation paid elected officials in the House of Representatives and Senate (paid by tax dollars, yours and mine). Now, is this salary taxed? And why should 'they' still get paid if our military doesn't? (If there is a government shutdown)

I'm angry! Frustrated. Officials (elected by non other than you and I) would still receive paychecks if the government shuts down at midnight? While 800,000 others will be furloughed with out paychecks. Our military personnel not get paid (or be partially paid). Federal emergency unemployment benefits (EUB) will stop (albeit temporarily) affecting hundreds of thousands still struggling to pay bills, feed their families and eventually find jobs. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?

Government shutdown? It's well known I've struggled the last few years, but this? The economy, jobs, federal officials political agendas, posturing, and ideologies over 'entitlement' cuts ... including but not limited to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid (for the poor and indigent)and much more, much, much more. My head spins, my head hurts and I'm confused while I struggle to make sense of where the United States is going. I'm not one of those who wants something for nothing. I'd rather be working.

Government shutdown? Budget cuts over abortion funding (Planned Parenthood) and EPA funding for greehouse gas emissions regulation? What is this? This stops the federal government? This prevents money flow to keep government working? Is this over 'ideological' budget cuts or is it about funding the government through the end of the physcal year (October 2011)?

Authors note: I'm not political by any stretch of the imagination, but this I follow because it will directly affect me and many others I know.

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