24 April 2011

Easter memories

When I was young, I remember Easter being a 'special' day. I would receive a 'frilly' new dress, shinny new shoes (they were black patent leather) and a colorful flowery little bonnet to wear. Mum or grandmother would spend the time to curl my hair even though the bonnet would cover it. I had curly hair too.

Pictures were taken after we were all dressed and just about ready to go to church. (I can't find them tho, I think they're packed in a box I haven't gotten around to unapcking yet.) We didn't often get to dress up for Sunday church and when we did.... it had to be a special day. After church those frilly fancy clothes were off and regular playday clothes were on again, those 'new' outfits were carefully put away for the next time. 

I recall Easter egg hunts on the church grounds for the little ones, and colorful 'food baskets' for families who didn't have a lot of money. Mum and my aunt would hardboil two dozen eggs and color them for us to eat another time. I never got to help them because it was supposed to be a surprise for us. Thing was, I was old  enough ... I could smell them being cooked the night before. Someone put vinegar into the boiling water so the shells wouldn't crack and break (I would later learn).  There was a train ride into Boston to stay with the grandparents for the week.

The dinner grandmother fixed was huge as I recall. There was always a lot of food on the table and around the kitchen. The smells were grand making ones stomach rumble (or growl if you will) in anticipation. There was a huge ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, buttery flavored dinner rolls, and a mint jelly and pickle condiment tray. Desert was homemade deep dish apple crisp, peach cobbler, or blue berry cobbler and vanillla ice cream was available to go on top.  Our Easter baksets weren't big, but they were overloaded with goodies... chocolate bunnies and  marshmallow chicks come to mind.

I haven't had small ones around for many years, so the tradition has been lost .... though as I was coming into the trailer park where I live yestersay afternoon, I was flagged down by a nice man who was inviting all the residents to an Easter egg hunt for the small ones early this morning. That invitation is what reminded me of these long time ago memories.

Happy Easter everyone! What ever you do today ... make it fun and joyful!


  1. I remember....
    One Easter you and I, all dressed up standing on the drive. I had on white gloves and a little hat that matched my dress. The shoes I wore we patent leather as well, but mine were white. I was little, maybe three or four, and I remember your hair was curled and swirled around your face. I also remember opening my tiny purse. Inside I found a clean linen handkerchief and a few coins for the offering. I felt very proud to be allowed to carry my own money and have a hanky of my own.

  2. I also remember the kitchen, Mother and Grandmother were there with their "faces" on. Back then, I thought they were mad. Looking back, I know now they weren't mad, but busy. And the "faces" showed extreme focus and concentration. As I recall, those women did not cook joyfully or with pleasure. It seemed a chore to them.
    Maybe they should have kept a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 somewhere nearby...

  3. Yes, I remember that Easter... I thought of you too when I wrote this...and yes you are sooooo right about their 'faces'. There was extreme concentration in the kitchen, and yes I agree they probably didn't like to stand and stir over a hot stove .... tho Grandmother was an extremely patient teacher and so was Nana when they taught me. I suppose except for Sunday dinner (after church) that is why we had left overs sooooo often, too.


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