17 April 2011

Busy .... Busy ... Busy ...

Been without my computer the last few days.... I'm using Curmudge's laptop ... and I can say I don't particularly care for his keyboard ... makes my wrists hurt. In a pinch, though who can complain?

I've been helping my friend Jean get ready for a yard sale. Yesterday was the first day of sales that are going to happen over the next couple of weeks. They had a really good day and got rid of a lot of 'stuff'. Three of the six horses went to a new home yesterday, too. She commented last evening while we were having dinner, that she looked out the window and was disappointed not to see them in the pens along the driveway... I could see the sadness in her eyes.

She's also packing to move... not just move and settle in again, but move across country to Massachusetts. I envy her going to live in my 'home state'. I want to go too! Ahhhh... but alas, it's not going to happen any time soon. I can wish, hope, dream can't I? Pray for a miracle? Ha! I should be so fortunate, though one never ever knows what the future holds.

We still have a great deal to do.. It's shed day! There's a myraid of stuff in the shed, most of it horse stuff, brushes, tack, saddle pads, bridles, old Christmas decorations ... and many shared memories. Today, we are hoping to get some boxes and things into storage for the main move, too. It's going to be another busy day... and I'm running behind ...

More later....

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