01 April 2011

An April Fool's Joke?

Is this for real?
'You may have to consciously let go of some of your plans and simply leave things to chance. The element of the unexpected can help you out quite a bit, so work with it instead of trying to keep it at bay. The natural flow of events should lead you toward a place of greater freedom. Use your imagination instead of relying completely on mental processes like logic.'

I don't think I'm a dreamer by any stretch of the imagination. Though I might be wrong about that, being a dreamer that is. I make lists, I plan ideal scenarios, I can put a budget together for an ideal situation. Waiting for the natural flow of events is like asking me to... to .... to ... I don't know ... be illogical?

What does it mean? Does it mean I should take a leap of faith, fly by the seat of my pants? Pick up stakes with nothing concrete on the other end where ever I might land? Chance? Hard to wrap my head around. Yup, I get that it's necessary to be flexible, but I didn't see the word flexible in that piece. I saw ... 'consciously let go and leave things to chance' ...

What do I want? Out of this early season heat! ARGH! It's the first of April and high temp records have been broken across Arizona today. It's too early! It's too soon. I want some spring weather, comfy days and chilly nights.

Where do I want to go? Somewhere where there are four 'distinct' seasons. I can live with four or five months of hot (or hot and sticky). I can live with four or five months of cold (or bone chilling damp cold). The rest of the months can be chilly (or balmy) and raw (or dry) for all I care as long as it's four seasons. But it can't be anything like the excessive heat here in the desert. It might be April in the desert, but the weather is exhibiting signs of summer, already.

April showers bring May flowers ... isn't that how the rhyme goes? April showers bring May flowers may be true in other parts of the United States, but here in the desert southwest, it's dry and drier. It's way past time for a change of scenery .....


  1. it means STOP!take a breath. stop planning so much, and being so aware of every detail. stop worrying so much.just appreciate what you have. stop focusing on things you cannot control and be pleased. period.

  2. Thanks for the interpretation.... I figured as much. I lack a certain quality of patience these days....


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