05 April 2011

ABC's of me, meme

Quilly sent this to Tilden and I borrowed it from her...

Age – 59 .... soon to be a year older

Bed size – queen mattress over a camping air bed frame

Chore you hate – shopping for clothing

Dogs – not anymore

Essential start of your day – feeding horses

Favorite color – mauve and blue

Gold or silver –

Height – medium, not tall not short Instruments I play (or have played) – piano, but I haven't played in years, so I guess playing instruments doesn't qualify

Job title – unemployed commercial truck driver aka drives 18 wheelers

Kids – one plus three grand children

Live – simply, or try to

Mom’s name – JoAnn

Nickname – I've had many but 'Wirenut' works as good as any, and I'm never late for dinner....

Overnight hospital stays – too many in the last year +

Pet peeve – too many to list here

Quote from a movie – "What we've got here is failure to communicate." I'm stealing this one from my sister....

Right or left-handed – both.... but predominantly lefty... just means I think with the right side of my brain...

Siblings – yup

Time you wake up – early

Underwear – garments

Vegetable you dislike – brussel sprouts, lima beans

What makes you run late – other people, hard to say ... I'm usually early

X-rays you have had done – wrist elbow, sinus' how many more would you like?

Yummy food you make – not often anymore lack of funds ...

Zoo animal – zebra's they remind me of stripped horses