02 March 2011

This first hour .... and the second

I really like to get up early. I like the solitude, the quiet, the peacefulness. I have the first hour all to myself. There's no TV. The coffee pot gurgles and there's the anticipation of that first cup of wake up.

My kitty's are looking for their breakfast. They're not patient this time of day. If I don't feed them right away, they're under foot, sitting on the counter in my face, or sitting on my desk to get my attention. They get fed first thing.

Over the first cup of coffee, I boot up my trusty computer. I check email (if there's anything new), new blog posts from friends and others. There's a quick visit to Facebook to see what's happening and may be interesting. Then there's the news pages, a must to keep up with current events. Oh yes, have to visit the jobs boards. I'll check these pages more than once today, you can bet on that. You see ... I'm still looking for a full time job.

Then there's the little girl I get off to school Monday through Friday. She's tough to get moving. The shower goes well. I need to keep after her to get dressed in a timely manner, hair brushed, maybe a little bowl of cereal, a glass of juice or milk or something to munch before she goes out the door.

Pour another cup of coffee. Rescue the bird cage from my kitty's, they have this fascination with it. Check on the little girl who's supposed to be getting ready for school. She rides the school bus. Thankfully, the bus stops at the end of the driveway, she doesn't have far to go.

Little dogs off the bed and out to do their business. 2 little dogs back in. It appears the third one has decided to go for a run this morning. Lord only knows when he'll return.

It's Wednesday. There's a newspaper sitting at the end of the driveway. A very thin secion of classified jobs ads, a sign of the times I suppose, and this week's grocery ads. At the grocery I where shop regularly, the first Wednesday of each month seniors get an extra 10% discount on all their purchased groceries. Today is seniors day. I fit in this category.

The horses are snickering at me as I walk out to get the paper. They know it's time to eat, their internal clocks are telling them so, and it's barely daylight. I can see enough now to check the damage from forgetting to the shut off the water last night. It overflowed the barrel in the mini's pen, flooded their pen and the one next to it. A soggy mess, but none the worse for the forgetfulness. I throw hay for all six horses and make sure they all have enough water for the day. It takes just a few minutes. I have it down to a routine.

What's the rest of my day look like? Nothing set in stone, but I know it will be a busy one. I'd like to think I'm organized, but it's more like chaos. A little bit done here and a little bit done there.

It's going to be another beautiful day.

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  1. Third little dog returned when Kaylie called him before she got on the school bus. He was having a chase of bunnies in the pasture.


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