31 March 2011

Suncast Horizontal Utility Shed

I've been looking for something to put excess 'stuff' into. Our closets are small and overflowing .... odds and ends we don't use all the time but have need of with easy access. Outside yard tools, water hoses, buckets, potting soil, etc. What ever I did get had to be an outside utility type storage container with locking capabilities. I need it to withstand the excessive heat and weather here in Arizona too, something that won't decompose in a short time. I didn't want a shed ... well, I do someday but ... we live in a rental and I'm looking for things (portable) we can take with us if/when we move on in the future, a concern of Curmudge's as well.

I'd prefer shopping family owned, but in this case I needed the variety of selection family owned doesn't provide. I went on line to one of the big box stores to shop. I found prices ranging from $200.00 to over $600.00. Well, so be it, I need the item or items. Capacity was a concern. Small, medium, or large. I wasn't sure but I know what needs to go into it, so I had a beginning. The 'Rubbermaid Outdoor Storage' container looked to be about the right size, if I didn't want to keep my yard tools in it. At 18 cubic feet, I'd need to get something else to store tools in. It was made of a durable resin compound, good enough to withstand the weather. Easily assembled, the advertising said, no tools needed. It had locking capability, top lift top and two front doors. It was also under 50 pounds empty. Bulky but not excessively heavy. The price was very reasonable, but it wasn't available in the store and would have to be ordered on line and shipped to the store for pickup.

The 'Suncast Horizontal Utility Shed' is larger that the Rubbermaid product (38 cubic feet). Much larger outside dimensions, too. The same type of durable resin compound. The same easy assembly, no tools needed. Locking capibility, less likely to grow feet and take a walk loaded or empty with double the weight of the smaller conatiner. I should be able to put shelves into it and still have room for outside yard tools, too. I could see the assembled porduct in the store, too. The price was also reasonable and with tax less costly than the smaller containter I would have had to order on line and pay shipping.

Curmudge and I talked about it again this morning and decided we needed to get the larger container sooner rather than later. An hour later, we had it home and I was upacking it to put it together. I had it put together in about forty-five minutes.

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