23 March 2011

Something in the Wind

Meg didn't sleep well. She'd been running hard to the point of exhaustion and rarely slept more than four or five hours. Through the sleepless nights the last few weeks, she'd been wrestling with the idea of retiring from the road. But what would she do? Getting off the road was daunting to think about.

In any case, she needed a break and she was going to get that break as soon as she got this load off in Sacramento. It was time to change the way she lived. What would she do next? She had money to do whatever she wanted to do, however she wanted to do it. The chance lottery ticket she'd picked up in Missouri five months before had cememnted her retirement portfolio, though not her immediate plans. She'd wanted to keep working after the windfall.

Willow Creek Ranch is the largest ranch in northern Nevada spanning more than five hundred thousand acres of woodland, open range and mountain vistas. It's scenic vistas bring hundreds of visitors each spring and fall for spectacular photo opportunities. It is home to the largest herd of 'protected' wild mustangs in the southwestern United States. Willow Creek boasts three annual cattle drives, a sanctioned rodeo event, and an excellent veterinary program.

Judd Carson, owner of Willow Creek Ranch, has extended an invitation through Josh Stovers for Meg to visit Willow Creek. It's been some years since the incident on US 50 between Fernely and Fallon. Meg and Josh had been there during that incident. She'd only met Judd Carson the one time and knew of him only by reputation. They had met breifly that rainy night when he'd approached her to trailer his horses safely home to the ranch for him. Meg had wondered why Judd would extend an invitation after all this time......

Nathan McKenzie, Parker Bennett, Jake Richardson, Josh Stovers, Matthew Carson, Julia Carson, Jillian Calhoun and others interact with Meg as she struggles to decide.

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