07 March 2011


Oh bother! Everyone knows who Eeyore is, right? I need a paying job. Yup, and I'm a worry-wart, too.... lately have strong resmemblance for Eeyore's attitude, too.

I'm out of printer ink and going to lose my internet connection for non-payment. Flip a coin one or the other but not both....choose.

I haven't been staying at Curmudge's, but I'm considering asking if I can take my computer to his place to have internet access...quandry. If I do that then I won't have it where I can work from it. (mine's a desktop PC not a laptop)

On the flip side, if I buy more printer ink... I can write a bunch of posts, print them off... then head to the library (I suppose) or over to Curmudge's to post them. Urgh! using a laptop, I don't like at all....

Today's job leads? Trucking. A refresher commercial driver thing....southwest regional, something I looked into late last fall. I was asked to call back in March. Well, it's March! I need to find out more. I don't even know if I'll be accepted into the program. But I need to wait until the end of the month.

You see.... I'm committed to house sitting and caring for animals March 26-April 4. I'll be taking care of a myraid of animals including my horse, my three cats, six dogs, five other horses, three more cats and two birds....Okay, I've been doing a lot of 'barter' work the last three months and more....it's been paying the bills.

I really don't relish the thought of going back 'over the road' trucking... though, (wistful and wishful) it might be semi-lucrative (for the summer months when freight runs excellently), have me home every week (and/or maybe three weekends out of four). I just can't seem to make up my mind, and I know I have to find a job sooner rather than later... Bottom line .. this equals steady work and steady paycheck.

Would need a 'caregiver' for Gibby, Nilly, and Puzzle ... I asked Curmudge the other day and he said he would and could cover me on that. Thank you Curmudge. I could live with that for the time being until I can get some $$$$ put back, decide what to do next... Yeah, yeah, I know I worry too much about those kitty's, too.

Lord knows, I 'm weary of packing, repacking, shuffling, and being generally undecided about what to do next... I need to make up my mind for me, my kitty's and the horse, and soon.

I sit here... bored,uninterested ... wishing I could do a 'bewitched' thingy, wiggle my nose and have it done yesterday, a month ago? six months ago? last year? when ever! Wouldn't life be grand if we could wiggle our noses and get exactly what we wanted? Better than three wishes from the genie in the bottle? Hmmmmm.

I still feel pretty much like Eeyore these days....

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