12 March 2011

Earthquake! Tsunami!

I didn't sleep well the night before last. I woke up very early. The eerie sense of something unusual happening, the oddest feeling, the way the animals were acting.

I wouldn't know until a few minutes later, when I booted up my computer ... saw the breaking headline news stories in bold red banners across my screen .... that something catastrophic had happened, was happening in Japan, more than half a world away.

What was happening might likely have been the cause of my own shortened rest. The birds, the dogs, the cats, the horses ... their actions, my own unrest and edginess .... so often taken for granted and unnoticed, was noticed in a big way. I sensed rather than felt and so did the animals.

The pictures and videos were graphic. Japan. The catastrophic events brought into my home in 'real time' via social media and today's lightening fast technology. Devastation, damage and a nuclear reactor that may or may not be leaking radioactive material.

A Tsunami! A seventeen foot wave slams the northeast coast of Japan not far from the epicenter of the quake causing enormous damage.

Tsunami warnings issued for the entire Pacific Ocean including Hawaii and the western coast of North America (Mexico, California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska). An unseen wave that moves at the speed of a jetliner. We wait.

A large whirlpool forms off the coast of Japan, perhaps caused by a large fissure in the Earth's surface sucking water into the void.

My kitty's and the other animals were acting strangely. Perhaps, they sensed the catsatrophic events which occurred in Japan .. though hundreds of thousands of miles away. They were clingy and edgy ... either wanted to be in my lap, sitting right next to me, or outside away from the house. The domestic birds in the cage next to my temporary desk were eerily silent. I didn't see birds outside either, and none were singing.

My kitty's would continue to huddle on the bed with me last night. I know they weren't cold, it's been in the 80's here. Today, my kitty's have settled down. They're having a day of watching the little birds in the tree outside the bedroom window or cat napping. The birds in the cage are singing. The dogs have settled down and aren't so edgy. Outside, the birds have returned to forage and sing in the trees. The horses are doing what they do best .... graze and sleep in the shade of the trees along the driveway, and I have noticed ... everything seems to have returned to normal.

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